Safety footwear


Safety footweat user manual.


ABRIS  Safety footwear have passed CE type of assessment. CE mark on the product shows that footwear meets the needs of EN ISO 20345:2004.

-          safety

-          comfort

-          durable

-          protection

-          slip resistance

EN 20345 marking shows that footwear is ment for proffessional use in safety category.


Product information

-          Oil-petrol resistant antistatic outsoles are with good grip, slipresistance meets the needs of norm ENV 13287:2000

-          Natural leather upper, textile lining, warm lining (artificial fur) on wintermodels.

-          Special insole with good moisture absorbent.

-          Wider last suits better.



Before using first time it is recommended to use boot grease. Take care of your footwear regular basis, remove dirt and let dry in a room with good ventilation. After drying use boot grease. In any circumstance don’t dry footwear at high temperature such as on the radiators ect. If use and protect your footwear properly they last longer.

Safety properties are in effect when the footwear is maintained properly.

Footwear are tested in FIOH (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, licence 0403) and have EU type certificates  27106ADS01, 26158ARS01, 27105APS01, 27107AKS01,27227EES01, 27226PES01. )